New Homes

Below are the new homes we currently have for sale in the Johnson City, Kingsport, and throughout the Tri Cities, TN.

ImageAddressCommunityBedroomsBathsFinished Sq. Ft.List Price
Stratford Glen Unit 25Stratford Glen32.51,409$116,900
Stratford Glen Unit 34Stratford Glen32.51,409$116,900
Stratford Glen Unit 24Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
Stratford Glen Unit 26Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
Stratford Glen Unit 27Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
Stratford Glen Unit 28Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
Stratford Glen Unit 33Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
Stratford Glen Unit 35Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
Stratford Glen Unit 36Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
Stratford Glen Unit 37Stratford Glen32.51,409$119,900
309 Anthurium AvenueWillow Springs Reserve321,544$189,900
21 Poinciana PlaceWillow Springs Reserve321,544$189,900
35 Poinciana PlaceWillow Springs Reserve321,544$189,900
49 Poinciana PlaceWillow Springs Reserve321,544$189,900
609 Trillium TrailWillow Springs Reserve321,544$189,900
2036 Falling Leaf DriveAutumn Woods32.52,163$189,900
139 Anderson RoadAshley Meadows321,526$189,900
231 Piper GlenStonegate321,544$209,900
161 Anderson RoadAshley Meadows32.51,880$209,900
237 Piper GlenStonegate321,544$209,900
1835 Top Sail CourtAnchor Pointe321,593$209,900
1827 Top Sail CourtAnchor Pointe321,593$209,900
1831 Top Sail CourtAnchor Pointe321,593$209,900
147 Anderson RoadAshley Meadows32.52,163$219,900
143 Anderson RoadAshley Meadows32.52,191$219,900
2072 Falling Leaf DriveAutumn Woods32.51,880$239,900
2068 Falling Leaf DriveAutumn Woods32.52,191$239,900
2051 Carson's WayStone Crest432,660$259,900
123 Victory LaneCargille's Crossing43.53,130$279,900
134 Chancery CourtCedar Crest32.52,531$279,900
186 Settler's WayDaniel's Trail322,343$279,900
4217 Anchor Pointe Dr.Anchor Pointe32.52,531$279,900
1130 Rachel's WayStone Crest43.53,082$299,900
2921 Viewforth CourtEdinburgh43.53,164$299,900
2909 Viewforth CourtEdinburgh33.52,664$299,900
2011 Carson's WayStone Crest432,664$309,900
51 Chancery CourtCedar Crest32.53,014$319,900
3024 Calton HillEdinburgh322,193$324,900
2585 Bridgeforth CrossingEdinburgh43.53,082$339,900
200 Settler's WayDaniel's Trail442,929$339,900
204 W. Hawthorne CourtLongview42.52,630$349,900
222 Settler's WayDaniel's Trail43.53,082$359,900
100 Bethesda PlaceCedar Crest64.54,185$379,900