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Does Orth Homes offer financing?

Orth Homes does not offer financing, however, we do partner with many local banks that have excellent financing options. 100% loans are available in some areas and down payments as low as 3.5% are available in most areas. An Orth Homes sales representative will be happy to help assist you in obtaining financing.

What do I need to do after the contract is signed?

First you need to secure financing with the lender of your choice. Next Orth Homes will schedule a walk- through with you 5 days prior to closing. During the walk through an Orth representative will go over all of the warranty items and look for any defects that need to be corrected prior to closing. Then you will need to schedule to have the utilities switched to your name the day of closing. You will be given the keys and garage door openers at closing and take possession of your new home!

Can I make changes to a home already under construction?

If the home is in the early stages of the building process and you place a contract to purchase you can typically make the remaining selections. If the home is completed or nearing completion, there are still some items that can be changed out in order to suit your family’s needs. This option will vary from house to house.

Can I view my home while it is under construction?

Due to the many safety hazards, we ask that you speak with your sales representative or realtor to schedule an appointment if you wish to view your home before construction is completed. 

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